Anima May


Free yourself by sweating your worries!

Moov is an intuitive dance training to let go of emotions trapped in your subconscious.
It is a journey to your unconscious mind through movement.
Celebrate the intelligence of your body and the beauty of your potential to change how you feel. 

MOOV INTUITIVE DANCE is a journey to our subconscious through conscious movement. 

It is a celebration of the intelligence of our bodies and the beauty of the human potential for change.

Anima May has created MOOV to achieve a deep emotional and physical immersion on the path of overcoming our bodies and mind, offering a new tool to free oneself from emotional addictions and afflictions.

When we become aware of our patterns of thought and behavior, we can make a decision to change and transcend the chatter of our unconscious, stress-filled mind.

Moov allows us to surrender to love and to realise how miraculous, beautiful and interconnected our existence really is.

I AM Contemporary Dance Performance

When I was 18 years old, the director of my dance school in Rome told me during a rehearsal: “Isn’t it time for you to go on a diet? The audience is not paying to see cellulite dance across the stage!”

The dance world is very competitive, especially for women and the industry has an unrealistic image of the perfect body for dancers.

As a performing artist, my body is my instrument and the vessel to express myself.

If not loved, cherished and empowered, my body and self image will crash under the pail of criticism, shame and insecurity, and eventually stop functioning.

Being aware of the importance of this matter and as a female dancer and choreographer, I decided to take action and create a performance where body diversity is celebrated and not perceived as an obstacle.

Our physical characteristics should not be seen as a limitation but rather as a beautiful and integral part of our artistic expression. 

Anima May

I AM is a multidisciplinary 60 min performance featuring contemporary dance choreographed 

by Anima May, original music by Alberto Fiori, light design by Shaly López and visual art and direction by Alejandro Marcos.

I AM is an emotional metamorphosis turned into a conscious movement experiment. In the performance, three female protagonists interpreted by Leila Patzies, Breanne Saxton and Greta Schuster take the audience on a journey towards self discovery, self acceptance and self love. 

The Aboves and The Belows Short Film

The Aboves and the Belows is a short film that talks about INCOME INEQUALITY. 

The richest 1% of people on this planet own 60% of the world’s wealth.

Our financial system is not prepared for the revolution that technology has brought us. We never expected that someone could make billions without creating more and more jobs.

In the past, if you found a diamond mine in order to get them out, you needed to build a colossal infrastructure. Nowadays it is just a matter of ones and zeros. It is all about information.

Money is a powerful force in our society. Just imagine what would you do with an immense amount of money. Some people could manipulate politics or finances, or change the laws to serve themselves and not all of us.

The Aboves and the Belows is a short film about a narcissist billionaire lady who finds an honest, hard-working woman living under her bed. Anima May plays Simona Sopra in a stunning and exciting story. This short film is an absorbing and entertaining drama that shows how greed can poison true love.

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