Anima May

About Me

"Deeply rooted in my inner connection with creativity: acting, dancing or interpretation are not only experiences I have, but profound encounters with my soul. Anima (soul) is my conscious being floating around creation."

Anima May



I am a Swiss-Italian performing artist specialized in contemporary dance, choreography and acting for films and television.

During my Bachelor program at Codarts Rotterdam (2008-2012), and my professional experience with the company “De Stilte” in Breda (2011-2013), I had the opportunity to work with different teachers and choreographers, successfully gaining experience on stage, and explore various aspects of contemporary dance. I have always been motivated to broaden my horizons, learn new skills, and develop as an artist.

In 2013, I moved to Berlin dedicating myself to the creation of my own projects like "Playground" (2016), "Femmes" (2016), "Just behind normality" (2017), "Somewhere in between" (2018), and out recently "I AM" (2020). Since March 2021, I live in Madrid working as a creative entrepreneur, actress, contemporary dance producer and choreographer. 

One of the aims in my artistic endeavours is to research and cultivate interdisciplinarity  experimenting with different and innovative ways to merge dance, literature, theatre, film, photography and fine art.


During my professional career I had the opportunity to go on tour to different countries, meeting and exchanging with the most incredible and interesting people and cultures. Thanks to these invaluable experiences I became a very curious and adventuresome person. My willingness to stay open and respectful towards the opinions of different project partners and other art forms, allow me to put  interdisciplinary questions and project ideas into practice.

The research and analysis of the intention behind the movement is the initiation point of all my creative processes. My work focuses on capturing emotion through conscious movement. I am comfortable to go through different emotions, ranging from anger to love, from fear to joy.

I consider my compassion to other human beings as the source of the strength needed to overcome any artistic creation. 

Artistic Goal

An Art project is like a newborn that I need to nurture and mold with energy and passion.

Art is not for the light hearted, it is an ordeal, an adventure and a constant search for purpose.

Being an artist for me means finding a creative voice, through which I am able to inspire, provoke, or simply move my audience.

It doesn't matter if through a choreography performed on a theater stage, a dance installation in a public place, or a scene in a movie, I always feel the necessity to use Art to raise awareness and initiate a dialogue about different topics concerning our society. 

"Art is not always about pretty things. It is about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected." - Elizabeth Broun -

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