Anima May

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Find out how to put together a performance that

can attract and resonate with a larger audience.

“TrueMotion Workshop Madrid” 

Learn how to use cinematic tools to create choreographies and compelling performances.

TrueMotion is veracity and meaningful dance movements.

Our motto is “Move truthfully under imaginary circumstances”.

My goal with this unique 4 day workshop is to inspire dancers and choreographers to take a different perspective in creation.


Anima May

Swiss Italian dancer and choreographer profoundly committed to use art as a vehicle of personal growth.

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Alejandro Marcos

Mexican screenwriter, producer and director with a strong expertise in marketing and business for the entertainment industry.

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Workshop is open to professional dancers

and choreographers from all dance styles. 

Only 15 places available in Madrid.


write us sending your professional CV and dance reel  to:

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After years of paying attention to performances that left me “not knowing what that was all about”... I have discovered that being able to convey a powerful message and to connect producing profound emotions in the audience makes the real difference.

In the past years, I’ve been developing my expertise not only as dancer and choreographer but as a professional actress too.

I have adopted useful narrative tools to develop believable characters and learned how a plot grasps your audience attention in a compelling way.

What several companies do in collaboration with a dramaturge I have learned to do it myself, and now you too.

My mission is inspire artists to tell their remarkable story and life experience. That event that sparked a profound transformation and turn into wisdom changing their lives.


With TrueMotion, you will learn as a choreographer how to:

• Choose your valuable life experience to share with your audience. How to select from infinite possibilities of themes and concepts the one that intrinsically relates with your personal wisdom to build a strong and unique choreography that only you could create.

• Transform concepts into movement.

• Use storytelling and character development to create a compelling choreography to grasp the hearts and souls of your audience.

• Choose the creative tools at your disposal (music, lighting, costume design, scenography..etc.) to tell your story and develop your choreography into a full dance performance.

• Prepare and produce a 10 minute performance that will be shown on stage as the final activity of the TrueMotion Workshop.


The workshop evolves around the creation of choreographic material using tools from narrative arts like Cinema, Theatre, Literature, etc.

After choosing your theme, the next creative step is to make use of the narrative tools of:

• Character development (Protagonist, Antagonist, supporting roles, goal, obstacle, characteristics...)

• Acting (Body language, expressions, emotions, movement dynamics...)

• Storytelling (Plot, the hero’s journey, 3 Act structure...)

• Production Values (Scenography, lighting, costumes, music score...)

With all of these tools you not only create meaningful movements and improve your performance skills, but eventually build up an entire choreography that becomes a convincing and emotive performance for audiences.

Dance, as cinema or any other form of visual or performance art, is a beautiful medium for sharing meaningful messages.
Your stories and life experiences are unique and worthy of being told.
Always keep an open mind, trust and believe in your vision. You have born to share your wisdom with others.

Learning Objectives

Workshop Theme Summary

TrueMotion evolves around the creation of choreographic material using tools from narrative arts like Cinema, Theatre, Literature, Music, etc.

Exercise: The Performance Review

  • I. Finding the theme
  • II. Building your “creative family”
    • Character Development - the 9 questions
    • Storytelling - the three act structure and the hero’s journey
    • The Step Outline and Treatment
  • III. From the paper to bodies in motion on stage
  • IV. The 3 fundamental phases of pre-production (composition, revision, finalisation)
  • V. The dance performance production
  • VI. General rehearsal and performance

4 Day Workshop in Madrid Includes:

15 participants maximum

Total of 4 days from Wednesday to Saturday

6 hours per 3 training days with 1 hour brake for lunch from 11:00h till 17:00h (no coffee brake included)

1 day for general rehearsal from 17:00h till performance time beginning at 20:30h

Workshop Booklet

100 m² stage with at least 150 seats

Basic stage lighting and sound equipment

Madrid, Spain


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