Anima May

KLAR: Underwater Dance Installation by Anima May

We are water.

We are the Ocean.

More than 150 million tonnes of plastic pollute our waters.

We need CLARITY.

That plastic will endure for the next 450 years and become part of the fish that land on our tables. We have ONE EARTH, ONE OCEAN.

"KLAR dance installation shows my relentless effort to clean the water tank in which I perform. Taking out all the plastic waste to reminding you that:

The cleanup of our oceans needs your help"

Anima May


Anima May

Anima May is a Swiss-Italian performing artist specialized in contemporary dance and choreography.

Compassion to other human beings is the source of the strength needed to overcome artistic creation.  

Anima's work focuses on capturing motion through movement.

She always experiments with new techniques and she is fully committed to use her artistic expression as a tool to raise attention to important matters of our planet.

She has been close to water since her childhood. Her parents used to claim that she spent more time underwater than above. 

Anima May has explored many artistic diving experiences from film to photography and always related with movement.

KLAR was born due to her concern about the plastic pollution of our oceans. The urge to raise awareness to this important and urgent issue had sparked the idea to create an underwater dance installation.




Watch how I envision KLAR


The Fundraising Campaign to Clean the Oceans from Plastic Pollution

One Earth - One Ocean

  • OEOO environmental organization  deals with the protection of the environment, in particular the water and coastal protection.
  • In the multi-stage concept of the “marine litter cleanup”, plastic waste is collected by special refuse collection vessels and then recycled.
  • In addition, OEOO is involved in the field of oil purification, micro-plastics, research, education and documentation on marine littering.
  • OEOO has become an official partner of the UN Environment #CleanSeas campaign. 

12 Million euros for the SeaElephant

OEOO SeaElephant

  • A team of ship designers, plant engineers, environmental technicians and project developers has been working in Kiel on the planning implementation of the first SeaElephant.
  • The converted container ship will have facilities on board for sorting, crushing and processing marine waste. 
  • The initial target is a processing capacity of 20 t/day. 


The Performance in 5 European Cities

Klar Performance

KLAR is an installation where ANIMA MAY tries relentlessly to clean up from plastic waste a 4m tall cylindric glass water tank while performing an underwater conscious movement choreography.

Meanwhile another character outside the tank, a female antagonist that represents pollution, will hinder the protagonist's efforts regularly throwing back the same plastic waste into her tank. 

The 10 minute performance is followed by a 15 minute recovery time for the artists in an ongoing 4 hour show. 

Klar Set Up

A 7,85m tall by 14m wide Geodesic dome will cover the water tank cylinder.

The performance is accompanied by voice-overs of important international celebrities, exposing the facts of the plastic pollution of the oceans. 

A 360 projection on the top will show images under the sea, while an original music soundtrack and celebrities voice-overs play. 

The 10 minute performance is followed by a 15 minute recovery time for the artist in an ongoing 4 hour show.

Flooring area: 154m2

Standing: 230 persons

The Fundraising Campaign

People will cue to enter free of charge to the KLAR installation.

They can walk through or stay as long as they want to watch the ongoing performance. The images projected above on the dome explain more about the plastic pollution facts until the end of the show.

Then the audience is invited to exit and find a transparent box where they can leave their donation for the clean up of the oceans.

The installation will be situated in a public square in a city (Berlin as the first one) followed by Madrid, Paris, Rome, and London.

International Celebrities Suppport

Celebrities make a "hi res selfie video" stating to their mobile camera one sentence about an ocean plastic pollution fact, provided by us.

They send us their video and give their permission to use their voice and add it to KLAR's performance soundtrack as voice over. The soundtrack will be played in each KLAR performance at every scheduled European city.

Then they share their selfie video on their social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), tagging Klar's fundraising campaign hashtag and the creator of the underwater dance installation, Miss Anima May.

They are supporters of KLAR fundraising campaign. 

Voice-overs of important celebrities exposing the facts of the plastic polluting our oceans.

A 7,85m tall by 14m wide geodesic dome will cover the water tank cylinder.

KLAR creates a captivating 360° high definition experience for the audience. The Underwater Dance Installation is an immersive environment created by the dome screen and surround sound system making the audience to feel like they are submerged in the ocean.


To help achieve that goal we designed "THE PLASTIC BOTTLE CHALLENGE”.

It is an entertaining activity for the Internet that has the power to become viral.  

It has a combination of competitiveness, social media pressure, online narcissism, and low barriers to entry.

The goal is to have millions of tagged videos circulating online to spark donations.

The Film: Plastic Life

“Plastic Life” is a 30 minute fictional documentary starring Anima May to be distributed in International Film Festivals. 

Logline: After finding a dead fish filled with plastic floating in the ocean, an ignored video blogger decides to post herself eating a plastic pellet everyday. When the videos become viral, she has to choose between her success or her death.

The mockumentary will have an online distribution to enhance the media coverage and to increase awareness about plastic pollution. The whole production process will be shared online through social media. 

Let’s Clean Up the Ocean!

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