Anima May

I AM: Contemporary Dance Performance by Anima May

A contemporary dance experiment 

I AM is a contemporary dance experiment where emotional metamorphosis turns into conscious movement. In the performance, three female protagonists interpreted by Leila Patzies, Breanne Saxton, and Greta Schuster take the audience on a journey towards self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love. 

A multidisciplinary theatrical performance

I AM is a multidisciplinary 55 min performance featuring contemporary dance choreographed by Anima May, which ensembles creative artists from around the world. The poignant original music score composed by Italian artist Alberto Fiori lures the audience into the inner hypnotic voyage of self-discovery. The light design by Ecuadorian artist Shaly López creates a compelling narrative of colours and ambiance.  The visual art projected into a giant vertical screen in the center of the stage bombard the spectator with images exploring deep emotions all created and directed by Mexican film director Alejandro Marcos.

The three acts


The act of Oppression presents the fear and anxiety caused by the judgement of our peers and the burden of society. The performers face the moment of exposing their bodies to the audience’s and their own judgments.


The act of Conflict shares the subconscious identification with our negative thoughts that creates most of our life struggles. The spectator is confronted with the feelings of rejection and frustration. In this moment, the choreography builds up exploring the states of depression, self destruction and chaos. 


The act of Consciousness shows our imperative necessity to free ourselves from the artificial idea of beauty and gently leads us into awareness, healing and celebration. We recognise with the performers the joy of self acceptance and the empowerment that it brings to our life. The show ends with a final explosive celebration of oneself and of body diversity in all facets of existence: “You don’t have to look like anyone else but yourself!”   

The interaction

6 Actors/Extras are chosen to be on stage during the performance functioning as the “human scenography”.

They represent the judges, the manipulators, society’s rules and even our inner critics. They serve as mirrors, props, décor and human receptacles of the dancers emotions.

Each member executes certain simple tasks. Sometimes they sit down in different formations across the stage, get closer to one specific dancer or just turn around giving their back to the audience.

The dancers are sometimes aware and sometimes unaware of their presence.

The ambience

The audience is immersed in an electronic music score composed by Alberto Fiori mixed with a sophisticated sound design built with real organic recognisable sound effects, like the heartbeat, the sound of inner bowels and the judgemental whispers of people and their mocking laughs. The spectators feel the emotions of the characters in their own skin and body.

The atmosphere created by the light composition by Shaly López, accompanies the movement of the dancers and the human scenography. The stage is divided in sections and light or darkness evoke our human struggle for balance and guides the viewers attention.

The Visuals

The choreography is reinforced by visual art by film director Alejandro Marcos. The projections are visual allegories of the subconscious, and an artistic and emotional insight into the relation with our bodies.

"As a performing artist, my body is my instrument and the vessel to express myself.

If not loved, cherished and empowered, my body and self image will crash under the pail of criticism, shame and insecurity, and eventually stop functioning.

Being aware of the importance of this matter and as a female dancer and choreographer, I decided to take action and create a performance where body diversity is celebrated and not perceived as an obstacle.

Our physical characteristics should not be seen as a limitation but rather as a beautiful and integral part of our expression."

Anima May

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