Anima May

The Aboves and The Belows Short Film

The Aboves and the Belows is a short film that talks about INCOME INEQUALITY. 

The richest 1% of people on this planet own 60% of the world’s wealth.

Our financial system is not prepared for the revolution that technology has brought us. We never expected that someone could make billions without creating more and more jobs.

In the past, if you found a diamond mine in order to get them out, you needed to build a colossal infrastructure. Nowadays it is just a matter of ones and zeros. It is all about information.

Money is a powerful force in our society. Just imagine what would you do with an immense amount of money. Some people could manipulate politics or finances, or change the laws to serve themselves and not all of us.

The Aboves and the Belows is a short film about a narcissist billionaire lady who finds an honest, hard-working woman living under her bed. Anima May plays Simona Sopra in a stunning and exciting story. This short film is an absorbing and entertaining drama that shows how greed can poison true love.

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