Anima May


Free yourself by sweating your worries!

Moov is an intuitive dance training to let go of emotions trapped in your subconscious.
It is a journey to your unconscious mind through movement.
Celebrate the intelligence of your body and the beauty of your potential to change how you feel. 

MOOV INTUITIVE DANCE is a journey to our subconscious through conscious movement. 

It is a celebration of the intelligence of our bodies and the beauty of the human potential for change.

Anima May has created MOOV to achieve a deep emotional and physical immersion on the path of overcoming our bodies and mind, offering a new tool to free oneself from emotional addictions and afflictions.

When we become aware of our patterns of thought and behavior, we can make a decision to change and transcend the chatter of our unconscious, stress-filled mind.

Moov allows us to surrender to love and to realise how miraculous, beautiful and interconnected our existence really is.

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