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One-on-one session to face resistance

Anima May

Watch a short video about MOOV and learn more about this amazing online conscious movement coaching to overcome RESISTANCE.

Moov by Anima May

Moov is a one-on-one online coaching session aiming to help you to become aware and overcome RESISTANCE in your personal and professional life.

Our negative thoughts provoke negative emotions that become our reality. Through a series of guided movement exercises, you will focus inwards becoming mindful of those thoughts and emotions. You will be able to recognise your negative patterns and blocks, and transform them into a positive stream of consciousness.

Rewire your brain in order to restore balance in your life and feel joy and gratitude through the wisdom of your body.

Use your body to tune into a fluid attitude, to be more productive, to enjoy your work and to understand that life is a continuous adventure and not a series of frustrating obstacles to achieve a goal. 

Why Moov

Most people in their professional or personal life are confronted sooner or later with a bunch of obstacles. Things may look impossible, and you are certain there is no solution. You just want to quit, you are not good enough.

Most challenges have their origin in profound self-doubt and self-denigration. Our negative thoughts provoke dark emotions that become our reality. 

As a performing artist, I face many times moments of extreme self doubt. I grew up with the habit of being intrinsically sceptic. Every attempt to try something new and thinking out-of-the-box, is met with the immediate belief of being very hard, if not impossible.

Throughout my many years of working with contemporary dance and conscious movement improvisation, I challenge my set of beliefs. I want to test if the intrinsic scepticism that I've learned from society and my family is a constant and if every new idea or goal should be considered to be infeasible and unrealistic, or if it is actually possible to achieve. 

I began to have a very intense inner work through movement. Then I recognised the possibility to rewire my brain in order to create positive thoughts that lead me to joyful emotions.  I built a conscious connection with my body and now I am able to spot and overcome most of my moments of resistance.

I know now that I am capable to achieve everything that I put myself up to... AND SO CAN YOU!

I am a very intuitive, empathic and creative person. I envision meaningful projects that can influence, bring change and awareness to our personal lives and the environment we live in.

Moov coaching sessions are originated from my purpose in life to share my experience and expertise using conscious movement to become aware of my thoughts in relation to my body. 

I will share with you how to overcome those moments in your life where nothing moves, everything seems impossible, you are full of fear and your resistance is the only reality you can see. 

Let the wisdom of your body  ignite a positive mind and a healthy life.

How does Moov work

Anima May will guide you in a one-to-one online coaching session for a full hour.

The 1 hour session contains the following sequences:

 1. INTENTION: Pin point your resistance. What is the problem? Trust is the base for any successful relationship. We get to know each other. Why you MOOV? 

2. IN TOUCH: You connect with the present state of your body and search for what is blocking your way. This is not your typical meditation because you MOOV.

3.  SHOUT OUT: You voice your inner critic. Experience a guided conscious movement improvisation with music.

4. THE DECISION: Trust or quit. Would you choose to go further and conquer fear?

5. THE FLOW: Abandon yourself to motion. Give into pleasure and find joy within. Guided conscious movement improvisation with music. 

6. I AM: What is the message you received? What did your body help you to understand? Integration.

7. CLEANSING: This is your daily work. You will learn the "MOOV stretching" you can do at home to release your blocked emotions. 


MOOV 1 hour online conscious movement session


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